The Talented Mr. Ripley


  Sep 5  

The Talented Mr. Ripley




2046 is a place where haunted lovers go, that faraway mental zone each of us enters when newly brokenhearted.

Those who remain too long in 2046 transform over time into unresponsive creatures, delayed-response androids impervious to emotions.

Conjuring numbness but also filled with the heat of consuming passion, 2046 becomes a purgatory for the love-wounded, a place where you arrive either to come to terms with the past or remain eternally trapped unable to progress beyond memories of the long-lost.

“In the year 2046 a vast rail network spans the globe.
A mysterious train leaves for 2046 every once in a while.
Every passenger going to 2046 has the same intention: They want to recapture lost memories.
Because nothing ever changes in 2046.
Nobody really knows if that’s true because nobody’s ever come back".